Fluffy Links – Thursday 29th December 2011

A lunch will be held in Chapter One on Monday 30th January 2012. Executive chef Ross Lewis, who cooked for the Queen on her recent visit to Ireland is holding this lunch and all proceeds will come to Barretsown. Tickets are limited, and are priced at €100 per person to include food and wine. Bookings can be made by contacting info@chapteronerestaurant.com

Investment checklist from Dylan Collins. A very very handy checklist.

Monster list from Robin Blandford on areas of data analytics that real companies have real issues with. A whole industry of data play right there for you. Data wizards will be massively valuable in companies in the next few years.

Jersey-shoreification of programming. I’m reminded of some irish people with this.

I like this from Marc Andreessen about online shopping, up to now it’s been very clinical and now at all like the social experience of shopping in a shopping centre or city centre. How do you change that?

The new generation of e-tailers are much more appealing to normal people–people who like to go the mall, have fun with their friends and try on clothes and compare clothes, and go home and brag to their roommate what they got on sale, and all the rest of it. A lot of new startups are not only very viable but also growing very fast because they provide a very different experience.

This ain’t going to help websites at all. Encrypted search results on increase, means a website doesn’t know how they were found…

Atlantic Conference, Ireland 2012.

Speakers at the 2012 conference include Leena Gade, Chief Racing & Test Engineer with Audi Sports, Ward Van Duffel, Managing Director of LEGO® Education Europe Ltd, Tony Hill,Director of the Manchester Museum of Industry & Science … keynote speaker is Carol Lynn Parente, Producer of Sesame Street. The winner of 11 Emmy Awards, Carol Lynn Parente will be talking about Sesame Street’s work to bring STEM education to its young audience.

Read outside your bubble.

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  1. TUG says:

    The social experience of the shopping mall? It’s clinical and that’s what works about it! Don’t fix what ain’t broke!!!