Fluffy Links – Monday October 3rd 2011

Tweekaboo gets nice coverage in the Business Post. (Disclosure: they’re a client)

Simon Geraghty is blogging about starting his own business and pine martins. Looking forward to more posts.

And on that. Giant giant list of apps/tools/resources for startups.

Netflix got into trouble from a lot of people for pretty much getting rid of renting physical DVDs but still paying the same for the service and then bringing it back as a sister business. One of the founders, now no longer there gives his take. He supports the idea and gives great insight into the history of the company. 95% of revenue was from selling DVDs not renting in year one and then they killed it off. Ballsy.

Nice post about the resurrection and plummet of Nixon both done via TV. Never heard of the Checkers speech before.

Nice post by Ian Power on how Play.com converts Facebook fans into paying fans.

Facebook and photos. Holy crap, every photo online appears to reside there now.

Cork Opera House, Corcadorca present The Winter’s Tale:

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Monday October 3rd 2011”

  1. Darren B. says:

    Talking of the renting of DVD’s I noticed watchdog have been onto LoveFilm about mis-selling. I back this up as I was pitched in the shopping centre and misinformed about streaming DVD’s direct through your PS3. This is not possible without paying extra and the women who tried to sell me this did not have a clue this was not the case.