Fluffy Links – Wednesday February 23rd 2011

Dear Election, please feck off, sick of you at this stage.

Crackbird Addictive Chicken is JoBurger’s take on fried chicken. Popup restaurant in 19 Crane Lane, Templebar. Tweet “#tweetseats @crackBIRDdublin your name, reservation date & time and no. of people” If they have availability #tweetseats eat for free. Free!

In a silly move the Beeb removes websites to save money. So someone made an archive and torrented them.

Business World have released a traditional and online media monitoring service. Free trials too.

Preparing for your HPAT? A guide from Tosu.

An example of bad SEO and JC Penney is uncovered but the post by Vanessa Fox highlights legit techniques and tools you can use.

Nail on head. Sales people are crucial for any company. Run and designed by engineers generally means you’ll never release something.

Sufjan Stevens – Too Much (He plays Ireland soon)

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