Fluffy Links – February 14th 2011

Rabbit in your headlight by UNKLE

Lot of Irish political parties into attack statements for the election.

I’m doing a workshop and giving a talk at the Mash Conference in May. It will also be my last public talk for 2011.

Measure It! is on March 2nd in Dublin.

Also, what digital skills do you want from marketing/pr interns?

WhoseView.ie now getting into the deals market. Good.

Data mapped and trended based on nominations at the 2010 Blog Awards. Interesting but skewed perhaps!

Congrats to Haydn Shaughnessy, now writing a blog for Forbes.

Another reason why Google is fecking up more these days.

One Response to “Fluffy Links – February 14th 2011”

  1. Mick says:

    Thanks for mention Damien. Dipping our toe and one of a few new features being rolled out. The other’s hopefully shall be more unique:-)