Fluffy Links – Monday 17th January 2011

MulleyComms bits:
Survey of Irish Teens and how they consume media and what they pay for.

As a follow on: How to get into the Irish Times for €500.

Cork course not taking any more bookings but Dublin Evening Social Media Course is still game for bookings.

Other bits:
UCC also offering a course in online media, have a look.

There are things to do in Dublin. Besides pubs! The Dublin Event Guide.

List of Irish video production companies.

Banter & Barry’s Tea: ‘Well Done Steak: Irish Food in 2011 & Beyond” 27 Jan @ TheTwisted Pepper

90 min lecture from the guy that did the titles for Spiderman, Iron Man and more.

Alex Ferguson talks Michael Collins and more to Colm Murray. Audio.

Irish Politicians app. More a dig at em than a polnerd app.

James Blake – Limit to your Love. I like this song. Rest of his album is far too much of autotune.

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  1. Is ‘Well Done Steak’ not basically already taken? 🙂