My favourite web thingymajig

John suggested I ask people this:

What is your one single favourite thing on the whole Internet? A person, a website, a piece of content like a photo, video or song or?

Rules (if you believe in such things):
Go off and have a think about this if you like and then come back.
You’re only allowed one and it must be your absolute favourite thing.
When leaving the comment, please include a short sentence as to why it is your fav
If you want to make this anonymous, please do.

55 Responses to “My favourite web thingymajig”

  1. Cian says:

    Sometimes I learn way more in a 5 minute youtube video than I would in a 40 min class in school. Also I learned how to build rc planes from there. Now there is no need to buy a CD because all the song are there.
    Love it.

  2. Littlesapling/Ashley Moran Nunn says:

    Twitter. For the superfast spread of news and the interaction with friends both new and old.

  3. Niall says:

    It has to be Google. Just the plain old search engine. Couldn’t live without it.

  4. C Murray says:

    I think that people used say ‘horizontal media’ – I like the cross-pollinating
    aspects of social media and the rapidity of transmission.

    which is why I leave lots- makes my head spin tbh.

  5. Pauline Sargent says:

    Instagram without a doubt. Love the pictures from all over the world of everyday life. Just fantastic.

  6. Des says:

    Google in it’s original search engine form. On a good day the serendipity of the results can lead you you happy light-years away from where you started .

  7. The site I use the most is Twitter, but my fav website is – full of inspirational awesomeness.

  8. John Braine says:

    The best thing on the Internet is the world wide web 🙂

  9. John beat me to it so I’ll give another answer instead.

    Blogs. I can read the unmediated thoughts of hundreds of millions of people. Better than Twitter.

  10. woegeous says:

    Today, and maybe forever, this 33 seconds of genius from Spike Milligan has to be my favourite.

    Tomorrow, who knows?

  11. The one thing I would hate to loose? Email.

  12. Jan O'Brien says:

    Definitely google

  13. Markham says:

    No one has said ‘porn’ yet.


  14. Fi says:

    Happy amongst like-minded souls…. (aka bike-porn!!!)

  15. Dave says:

    I won’t say you Damien for fear of looking an effusive sycophant. I am however completely addicted to facebook.

  16. TUG says:

    What’s the “internet”?

  17. Becky says:

    As much as it sickens me, it’s Google, in all it’s forms, search, gmail, analytics, reader always one of those open at some point.

  18. Darragh says:

    At the moment, Tumblr. It’s a fantastic platform to let people share their creativity and likes, whether that’s photos, paintings or Lolcats.

  19. Mike says:

    Google Docs because Google rocks!
    I was trying to figure out how to publish a spreadsheet last night on WordPress and I uploaded it to Google Docs shared it and got html code for the post Simple and Genius
    Really great integrated App especially the way it works with Youtube.

  20. Keith says:

    For now it’s – fantastic collection of training videos on just about any mainstream software program I can think of.

  21. Alan says:

    Animated gifs of cats.

  22. Emma says:

    What Littlesapling said! Being part of the Irish Twitter community gives me the warm fuzzies, so it does.

  23. Google, imagine if it wasnt there, unimaginable

  24. Barry says:

    Ceiling Cat, This Week in Tech and Revision 3

  25. Christian says:

    The People.

    Can I say that?

    Basically I think that all the technologies are great, but ultimately they’ll all be superceeded or grow beyond how you currently know them. The devices you use to access the internet will change and because of that the services and their functions will also change. For the better I hope.

    The one constant is the people. The people who drive it. The people who use it. The people who make it an interesting, inspiring and essential part of all our lives.

  26. It’d have to be Wikipedia for me. I use it for so many things – from whimsy like checking the meaning behind a name, to album chronology, to historical court cases. It’s not always the most secure or reliable source of information, but I often find myself logging on to check something only to find myself cross-eyed and bursting with facts an hour later from compulsive page-hopping (I get the same kick from TV Tropes, and combining the two can lead to my wasting whole days).

    But then again, it might be The Perry Bible Fellowship. Or Antoine Dodson. Ask me again in an hour.

  27. Lou says:

    The generosity of strangers on twitter

  28. My favourite thing changes on a daily, hourly, minutely (not sure if that’s a real word) basis – so this moments favourite thing is this:

  29. McAWilliams says:

    For me for the last few years it has had to have been Twitter, but I do feel this is changing for many so I am looking and waiting for the next best thing.

  30. aisling says:

    skype – otherwise i definitely wouldn’t be able to maintain a relationship with my most incredible man who unfortunately lives in another country

  31. David Quaid says:

    It might sound obvious but my favourite thing is Google because it connects me to everything else. Simple really.

  32. Facebook. It keeps me well connected to the friends I have on it. I don’t have 10,000 friends. I have a select few. Its great!

  33. Tommy says:

    Twitter would probably be mine but also the collection of Irish blogs is something special too!

  34. Shane brennan says:

    Google reader
    got all my feeds coming in there simple interface I can spend hours reading articles on it

  35. Ondaboos says:

    At the moment, Google Refine is my absolutely favourite thing on the internet.

    I wrote about it here earlier today –

    (In my defence, there were a lot fewer comments then than there are here now).

  36. Delicious because without being able to save and refind what you discover on Google, Google’s brilliance is transient (if your memory’s as bad as mine…) and it has that fantastic social networking/serendipity thing going on too where you can tap into other people’s links and discoveries.

    Shame about beastly Yahoo mucking it up.

  37. Ruairi says:

    This video:

    It’s a clip of my favourite writer, who died in the early 70s. Thanks to this animation, which was made by the South Park creators and stuck up online for free, i found his work, and lots of people everyday discover his work thanks to it. It sums up the wonder of the net for me, the old ideas can be reborn and reintroduced to a new generation using new methods / technologies.

  38. Thank you Ruairi, that is now my favourite thing on the web.

  39. WebCare says:

    It would be Google for us

  40. aisling says:

    Oh mine too Ruairi! (Although I’m skyping my boyf and just sent him the link to the video so technically it’s probably still skype…)

  41. I’m with Gary Mullan. Nothing has made me smile more in about 10 years than Where the Hell Is Matt?

  42. lottery emails….. Nah. Twitters And Such. xx

  43. sasha says:

    Oldie but a goodie – never fails to cheer me up and make me laugh. There’s a home for everyone on the internet, no matter how wacky you may be.

  44. PaulO'Neill says:


    Having my bookmarks portable (and backed up) has saved me on so many occasions.

  45. Michael Mc Loughlin says:

    Viral Democracy – if your stuff is good millions will look if not they won’t and generally for free

  46. Des Byrne says:

    As a hard working accountant, I live a quiet life…. striving to pay for the economic sins of others and to educate my three young kids and make sure they don’t let the country down when they settle in America.

    My fav web place allows me to enviously get a glimpse into the jet-set life of those in the fast lane, who apparently seem destined to never get off the treadmill…..or that blasted choo choo.

  47. Aidan says:

    The interaction with others.