My favourite web thingymajig

John suggested I ask people this:

What is your one single favourite thing on the whole Internet? A person, a website, a piece of content like a photo, video or song or?

Rules (if you believe in such things):
Go off and have a think about this if you like and then come back.
You’re only allowed one and it must be your absolute favourite thing.
When leaving the comment, please include a short sentence as to why it is your fav
If you want to make this anonymous, please do.

55 Responses to “My favourite web thingymajig”

  1. Norma says:

    At the moment this has to be my favourite…..
    All that is good and great on the web via digital Christmas

  2. Thought about this one. Google’s functionality almost sneaked it, but for big picture relevance, search and discover, fun and natter, portability and spontaneity – and much more besides – it has to be lil’ ole Twitter.

  3. Mike says:

    Google – their assimilation of information via search/alerts/reader/youtube/blogs etc.

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  5. I consistently return to the ToneMatrix site.

    Its the only thing in the world that allows a tone deaf eejit like to make something that sounds like a melody.