Fluffy Links – Tuesday 23rd of November 2010

DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship has opened the application form for their 1Million investment fund. Up to 24 early stage technology startup companies can avail.

Silent protest outside Dáil on Thursday holding You’re Fired signs.

Colm Tobín on the IMF coming to town.

The first allowed for compromise and nuance in Ireland over issues of identity and sovereignty. It allowed for the idea that you could be British in Ireland, or both Irish and British, or just Irish. It allowed for the idea that history carries as much shadow as substance, and that nothing is simple in our heritage. It was negotiated with imagination and openness by Irish politicians and civil servants as well as British ones.

Queer Notions 2010 – Dec 7th to 11th. I like the idea of The Bobby Sands Memorial Race:

Bobby Sands was a long distance runner as a teenager. During his time in the infamous Maze prison in Belfast, Sands wrote articles and essays on endurance and running. His essay, ‘The Loneliness of a Long Distance Cripple’, is the inspiration for Welsh choreographer Eddie Ladd’s extraordinary show The Bobby Sands Memorial Race.

Set on a 12ft X 6ft running machine, Ladd’s stunning solo piece follows the sixty six days of the hunger strike and considers the long-distance goal of resistance.

Go Google. They bring out a plugin that allows you via Word and Excel to live sync with Google Docs. And it supports more versions than Microsoft’s online offering!

The Pipe, the documentary about the Corrib Gas project, will be released at the Irish Film Institute with a gala screening + Q&A on Thursday December 2nd at 6pm

Roy Harper – When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday 23rd of November 2010”

  1. Andrew says:

    Great to see something on the Corrib Gas Project….

    Bunreacht Na hÉireann
    Article 10
    1. All natural resources, including the air and all forms of potential energy, within the jurisdiction of the Parliament and Government established by this Constitution and all royalties and franchises within that jurisdiction belong to the State subject to all estates and interests therein for the time being lawfully vested in any person or body.

    420 Billion dollars. That’s the conservative estimate given to the value of our Nation’s gas and oil field in Corrib. 400 Billion dollars, handed over to Shell, and how much did ‘we’ get out of that?

    Fuck all. 0% royalties from Shell thanks to that poo, Ray Burke, who probably left prison and went straight to his swiss bank account. He is probably now swimming in his Scrooge McDuck tower of Shell backhander money, while his state pension, which by the way, he still gets despite being charged on corruption, is probably being used to fuel a 20 foot burning memorial for that other horrible more deader poo, Haughy.

    Even to disregard for a teeny tiny moment, just an iddy biddy moment, the disgraceful way the locals of Corrib are being treated by Gardaí and Shell’s hired thugs. Disregarding that….for just a moment….
    The value of the national resources. The debt we’re in. The horrible morally depraved shits they all are….

    The other night I heard the heads for each of our political parties argue why they think the gubbin-ment are making a mess of things, “What we need are bigger deck chairs”.

    “Ludicrous, I say. Smaller deck chairs I say!.” Meanwhile a poll tells the rest of us that 17% are still voting FF…

    But enough of that. Lovely day, isn’t it?