Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 5th 2010

Oi foodies. EnglishMum has an Autumn bakeoff competition.

8 Ways to Sell More Stuff. IIA conference on October 7th on how to sell well online. Includes talk on underwear.

Cybercom want to educate graduates and help them get a break in digital. The programme is called Cybercom Exchange.

Wine wine wine! New online wine retailer. The Corkscrew.

Nixon came to Ireland when President. Did you know that? Radio doc on it.

Wicklow TV has now officially launched.

explosions in the sky – Memorial

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4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 5th 2010”

  1. English Mum says:

    Thanks for the fluffage. Watch that webcam. x

  2. Wicklow TV says:

    Thanks for the mention Damien much appreciated

  3. Thanks for the link Damien. For yourself or your readers, we’ve set up a discount code, “mulley”, imaginatively labelled!

  4. ruairi says:


    Your site is super, its great to see fellow Corkonians kicking ass in the big bad world :-D did i spell Corkonians right…?!