Fluffy Links – Friday September 17th 2010

My friend Stephen did his dissertation presentation recently called SophieJS. Making search and even better. Check it out nerds and suits!

Love Twenty’s take on the Fianna Fáil Think-in.

Audiodetour by You’re Only Massive is a site responsive mp3 audio walk, commissioned by and currently running at The Model in Sligo.

It layers choreography, soundscapes and songs on top of the real Sligo and asks you to use everyday spaces with a playful sense of experimentation, exploration and adventure and to keep an ear out for the hidden histories of caregivers and bankers.

EU Journalist Awarddeadline is this evening. The prize “honours online or print journalists in the EU who, through their work, contribute to a better public understanding of the value and benefits of diversity and the fight against discrimination in Europe.” Get going.

An app for Arthur’s Day. Makes sense.

Bruce Dickinson. Iron Maiden frontman and marketing head honcho for an airline.

You still coming to Measure It!

Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

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