Fluffy Links – Wednesday 11th August 2010

The Glucksman Gallery in Cork are looking for interns.

Jolt Games versus Chuck Norris. Chuck no likey.

it@cork members can win a place on a 4 day project Management Course worth €1250 by it@cork member Velopi. Didn’t they do that song about JCBs?

Good post from Mumblin’ on Jim’s blog about the realities of the music industry.

This is an iPad holder I’d love. Sits into it to become an old style TV.

Some handy accessories/apps for taking photos with the iPhone.

12 classical musicians use their heartbeats to control in real time a computer composition and visualization environment.

Via Bookslut 20 classic works of gay literature. Nope, not read one.

Plan B – Prayin’

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