Des Bishop more fun on a holiday than Tommy Bowe or BOD?

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Most popular male celebs to holiday with (Irish):

1. Colin Farrell
2. Des Bishop
3. Tommy Bowe
4. Brian O’Driscoll
5. Any member of Westlife

While Kathryn Thomas beats Grainne Seoige and Sharon Ní Bheolan?

See full survey results here.

3 Responses to “Des Bishop more fun on a holiday than Tommy Bowe or BOD?”

  1. They’ve obviously not seen In Bruges. Colin’s a miserable git to travel with, just ask Gleeson.

  2. The answer to your question is “Oh God yes”. The fact that Kathryn Thomas tops the female list is just depressing though??

  3. I had to look up who Kathryn Thomas was (born in Carlow, same year as me I see) and I still can’t place her on TV. Don’t watch much local TV though and I’ve never paid much attention to TV presenters. Actually, I lie, I can recognise all the presenters on CBeebies. Not sure I’d want to travel with any of them unless they were willing to babysit my kids.