Annie’s got her book on

Annie sent me a picture of a dead deer the other day. Such a flirt. Here it is:

Annie's dead deer
She’s got a new book out. It has nothing to do with cooking and roadkill.
She’s got a new book out. It has to do with her trip through America.

The official blurb says:

“To the Left of the Midwest’ is an exhibition of photography from award-winning blogger Annie Atkins’s first book. Compiled on the railroads from California to Texas, this travelogue chronicles a personal journey through the small towns and backwaters of the United States during Obama’s election in late 2008.”

The launch of it is tomorrow evening from 6pm at the Joinery in Stoneybatter, Dublin 7. Why not go? It’ll be worth it.

Delighted to see Annie do this, she’s a wonderful photographer and an inspiring blogger. Sending that native American to collect her award at the Blog Awards that time was a bit precious though. But she still rocks. Turns out that native American wasn’t even genuine. Still, as I said, she rocks. Bought pigtails in the poundshop, could have made an effort, like. And a plastic axe. Honestly. Twenty has nice things to say too.

2 Responses to “Annie’s got her book on”

  1. Annie says:

    thanks for the shout-out!

  2. MMN says:

    I had a great idea for a photo book from America. It’s called ‘Selling God’ and what you do is you take the b-roads across the Southern states of America and you take photos of the signs they have outside of churches. They’re hilarious: ‘give Satan an inch and he’ll become a ruler’. Brilliant.

    That prod church that looks down Earlsfort Terrace always has something usually: “Ch–ch: what’s missing – ru?”.

    Sometimes I think they should be more direct: “God loves you – but only if you go to church, ass-monkey!”