Fluffy Links – Wednesday June 9th 2010

I can already hear the phone conversation with a journalist asking me to explain myself contributing to making people dumber.

via the Business Post, An Post doing seminars on how to do direct marketing. 100 quid for a half day. Er lads, it’s your platform you want to enrich. Free maybe?

This graph showing growth of the pro blogs Mashable, Boingboing and Techcrunch and attributing it to Twitter channeling is bogus. It might also be to do with the fact that Mashable has veered from the goal and become a whore for anything to do with current affairs and tabloidism.

Ate in French Table in Limerick last night. Recommended.

Yahoo! takes it deep from Facebook. Loadsa intergration.

So now the Oz cops want a panic button on Facebook. There a panic button on your phones or are we clever enough to dial 211?

All the music from Treme in one place.

Via Darragh Brophy on Phantom1052
Colourmusic – Put In A Little Gas

INXS – Beautiful Girl

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