Preparing a 4 min presentation

So for TEDx Liffey last night I was given 4 minutes to talk about being happy in business.

240 seconds is 4 minutes so I figured I’d do 8 X 30 second talking points. I started off by jotting down a few quick thoughts on some rough paper. Followed by some thoughts on two pages of notepaper. From that I wrote down the slide headers on a post-it.


After that I rewrote out all 8 points again. I then proceeded to read them out and time myself. Came out to be about 4 mins 10 seconds after a few read-throughs.


And from there was typing it up:

After that it was creating the slides which only used the text from the headers with the last slide taking lyrics from a Pogues song.

3 Responses to “Preparing a 4 min presentation”

  1. Eoin says:

    Thanks for the clarity on this one. I’ve 15 minutes on Monday lunchtime but I don’t think I am anywhere near as clear as this. And that has to be McGowan’s best song.

  2. That’s brilliant Damien! And, mind-mapping (Tony Buzan) also adds to the process! Cheers.

  3. Thank you for sharing that amazing music!