Fluffy Links – Monday February 8th 2010

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Great site. Does what it says. Photowalk.

Congrats to Peter Tanham for entering the world of working for yourself.

This seems like the month of online crisis comms. Vodafone and Toyota this week.

Conor on shows you how to easily cancel o2 mobile broadband.

Startup corner.

Evernote on their pricing models. Love their attitude to free.

Nice idea about startup product ideas. Build fast, sell in volume.

Using Facebook to start your startup.

via John Blackbourn – Aliens rap. Amazing work went into this.

Google’s Tiger Woods Supwerbowl ad:

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday February 8th 2010”

  1. The Aliens rap is brilliant

  2. The Aliens Rap is superb. Very, very clever.