Coming up in online marketing thingys…

Free Online Marketing event in Dublin on Tuesday morning. “Using the Internet for Profit and Political Gain” – X-factor style free business event. Tues, 19 Jan 8.00-9.30am at the Burlington Hotel, Dublin 4.

On Thursday there’s a webinar (no it’s not something durty) on social media from 4pm to 5pm. Being a webinar you can log in from home or the work desk. It’s free, leave it on in the background if needs be.

Online PR training course is on January 23rd. It’s booked out and over capacity but the notes are going to be released after.

Business Blogging in Cork is on Jan 25th. Places still left.

Social Media Unspun is on February 4th. If you want your Irish case study to be included in the talk, let me know.

February 24th is the Digital Festival.

5 Responses to “Coming up in online marketing thingys…”

  1. Jonny says:

    One or two of those events look very interesting particularly the Social Media Unspun event.

  2. Fred says:

    Thanks for the mention Damien.
    Cool selection.


  3. If you were following you’d know when it was on.

  4. Everyone that made the cut was emailed

  5. Love your IP address btw