Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 5th 2010

He’s gone. Sadsies. Manuel’s back. Gladsies.

A student at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology is doing a research masters in the area of social networking sites. She needs some help with her survey. Please take a short few minutes to help her by answering some questions.

Speaking of which, Facebook tripled in size in Ireland in 2009.

MediaContact (D: I do training events with them) are having a good news Friday on the 22nd. Send them good news and they’ll press release it for you.

Freedom of information requests show Minister Eamon Ryan likes his Cake.

Nice trends on Daddy Van Morrison and recent media coverage.

This is how you present like Steve Jobs.

Via YANP: Stream Contra, the new Vampire Weekend album from their mySpace.

Beach House – Heart of Chambers

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 5th 2010”

  1. Ronan Lupton says:

    Here is my take, on Eamon Ryan’s cake.

    Take the amount, cost and quantity of fuel receipts used and FOI-able from the government for the conveyance and at the pleasure of the Ministers we elect.

    Now consider that Eamon tends not to use his ministerial car, instead opting for his bicycle. Bicycles only require the fuel that is used to pedal same vehicle.

    Equation: Cake = Pedal/Body Fuel. Petrol/Diesel = Vehicle Fuel.

    Macro Stub: –

    Condition – Exercises;
    Action – Eats.

    If his cake bill versus the fuel bills of the other ministers who are driven to the office are equal, then I am outraged and demand to know under FOI if he has an eating disorder (I jest).

    I think under the circumstances, he is entitled to: “Have his cake, and eat it”.


    PS: I really should edit the above in case the political mavens in TV3 decide to release an exclusive story! ;0)