Fluffy Links – Monday January 4th 2010

Blag nua o Pól Ó Muirí – Ultach.

New blog. (To me) Izziepoptarts

Another blag nua: Jennifer O’Connell.

Agus another. Triona’s.

Platforms. Possibly and over-used term at the moment but JP has one of the best posts on what they mean by platforms and the potential of them.

Space nerds. Talk from the bravest astronauts ever.

If only every web app was designed with this blueprint.

This sounds like it’ll turn farily abusive fairly fast. Car pong.

Via MetaFilter History of the world through 100 objects in the British Museum. BBC Radio4 series starting on January 18th 2010

Remember the priest that suggested stealing from shops was ok? He gets pelted with canned goods. Interesting protest.

Christmas ruined by … Dublin Airport.

Permanent TSB are saying what about women?

Oh. Deer.

Jump around

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