Social Media for NGOs/Charities – Followup

The Social Media for NGOs event earlier this month went down quite well. It was disappointing the number of people who pulled out at the last minute but as was pointed out, had there been a charge, this would not have happened. Big thanks to Nick McGivney, Darragh Doyle, Damian O’Broin, Susan Quirke from Spunout, Irene Lawlor from Barnardos and Red Mum for giving up their time to come to this and share their knowledge. Thanks too to Suzy for cracking the whip in the background.

Special thanks to Philippe and staff in the European Commission office who hosted the event and sponsored the teas, coffees and food and streamed the event on the EU Ireland website. Thanks to to Tom Duke in Digital Revolutionaries for the streaming video goodness on the day.

The video of the talks are available in two parts both here and here.

There will be a follow-up to the event early next year to act as a refresher and there is talk about a need for more in-depth workshops like how to set up a Facebook Page and Campaign, setting up a blog and figuring out engaging content etc. So stay tuned here or the Commission website. The NGO event was there to serve NGOs and to aid them in what they do and there will be more of these.

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