Blogs are bad, online marketing is bad, so get a cert!

We already know that blogging is dead, the paper that asks or takes from blogs said so.

Now an “expert” has said that online marketing is something to have a Father Ted like attitude to. “Careful there”. Anne Keogh is former managing director of and currently management consultant to the DJ Carey Group and is quoted as saying this in the Biz Post: ‘‘Only 25 per cent of business in Ireland is done online and so if you are spending a lot of your time on Twitter and Facebook, you are quite possibly wasting your time”. In the new connected world concentrating on the Irish market is where it’s at right? So stay off the net and back to the fax and telex. Fuck. Me.

So get yourself a social media certificate to sort it all. Adrian (I’ll just ref [short for reference, yah I’m cool] his first name as that makes it seem like we are on first name terms) outlines reasons for getting your social media cert. Do remember MulleyGlobalMegaCorpComms is giving away a free one for free. For free. Premium editions are in Comic Sans.

5 Responses to “Blogs are bad, online marketing is bad, so get a cert!”

  1. See? You can do funny. But this would be 25% funnier if you had used a lighthearted, more fun font.

  2. searchbrat says:

    I am not sure how you can disagree with the general principle of this artice. First of all, I do get a little confused when I see people online voicing their displeasure at anyone who dares say a bad word against social media. The guy is an extremely successful business man and his opinion holds weight. Small businesses do need to watch their time when looking at online vehicles. You can’t do everything, you need to pick and choose what’s going to actually generate profits. Sitting on facebook/twitter all day because some social media consultant has told you “it’s important to engage with your customers” can lead to people finding themselves under huge amounts of pressure to interact with everyone on every channel possible.
    We are still in an era where only 6% of people reference their social network before making a purchase decision. As a small business, am I better to concentrate on making my product better, making my conversion process better or sending 140 messages to everyone … it comes down to finding a balance.
    Simply saying “What the f*ck do they know” misses the point a lot of the time. Social media/networking is where it’s at but there is still a lot of confusion/doubt/lies etc etc on how to harness that power, especially for small businesses with limited resources.

  3. searchbrat says:

    Ha, yes, apologies, for some reason i kept thinking Andy Keogh when I was writing my comment, maybe too much football in my head.
    That will learn me !!!

  4. web says:

    25 percent is a lot. If everyone stops blogging and online marketing then who gets the 25 percent?