Rivers of yellow flow through the streets

We’ve probably all seen the glut of taxis at nighttime in Ireland of late. I did this video last night (it’s very shaky to start) walking along Stephen’s Green and looking down Dawson Street. Taxis on either side of the road and some double upped while more taxis drive past. Every yellow light is someone looking for business.

and another walking towards Merrion Row

Every new Taxi plate gives a little more buffer for the Taxi Regulator. Nice offices that they have. In the end the consumer pays for this and is the one having to listen to all the moaning from the drivers about it. What is it with regulators who are the last people to give a shit about quality or service but all about ensuring revenues for themselves at least?

Update: Numerous racist comments have been moderated after I got linked to by the IrishTaxi.org forum. The commentators directly came from this page. How shameful.

13 Responses to “Rivers of yellow flow through the streets”

  1. John Keyes says:

    A somewhat unrelated comment, but it disgusts me that so many taxi-drivers leave the car running when there is no chance of them getting a fare for ages.

  2. Aidan says:

    way too many taxis all looking for the same slice of the pie.

  3. Emmet Ryan says:

    Um I’m somewhat confused as to what you’re complaining about. Could you elaborate please Damien?

  4. Who says I’m complaining Emmet?

  5. CiarĂ¡n says:

    I don’t know Damien. I’m a rabid Thatcherite free marketeer, but only when it comes to taxis. Maybe its from years of standing around for hours waiting for taxis prior to deregulation. Deregulation, aka a closed shop where taxi drivers benefit from always having a next fare and consumers lose from having to stand around in the rain waiting for taxis.

    So, no matter what the motives of the regulator, I’d say they’re doing the consumer a favour, at least by having lots of taxis out there. I say dole out the licenses and let the supply of taxis find its own level. The glut of taxis suggests that there’s quite a few people out there who are more or less happy with the money they make from the license, even if its far less than they used to make.

  6. Emmet Ryan says:

    @Damien, well the way you phrased the ending of the piece sounded like you were taking issue with something but I genuinely couldn’t work out what.

  7. Ah don’t worry too much about being confused. Happens to most people now and then.

  8. Paul Kennedy says:

    Shift them down to Hilbillies in Cork at 3 o’clock in morning. I’ve gotten cancers from wandering around looking for one some nights.

  9. I am very happy that you could get a taxi ride. A decade ago that was much more difficult in Dublin, especially for those of us living south of D4.

  10. TUG says:

    “What is it with regulators who are the last people to give a shit about quality or service but all about ensuring revenues for themselves at least?”


    I think you’ve fundamentally gotten the wrong end of the stick there, damo, you could perhaps characterise it as you’ve chosen to but I don’t think you’re correct.

  11. John says:

    And I wonder how many are illegal taxis with fake plates?

    If you see a dodgy looking pre-2000 plate motor with a taxi plate that looks pretty cheap and plasticky, what are the odds it’s an illegal?

  12. thanks for highlighting this issue Damien, it needs discussion on a number of levels:
    environmental as raised in comments
    traffic congestion/ road blockages
    the effect lower wages have on the overall standards
    Many other areas applicable mainly to taxi drivers on the effects mentally /physically and emotionally of working in this environment

  13. brian says:

    @ Damien , Ignorance is bliss, The majority of new entrants into the industry are state funded.
    So what part of free market pricincples doe’s that come under ?

    does the free market allow for the creation of a toxic dump for the gov’ts
    social welfare deadweights, and failed immigration policies ?
    A lot of the guys driving you home are in receipt of SW. ,are tax exempt for 4 years and keep all secondary benefits for that period as well as keeping 100% of all income derived from taxiing.

    Compare that to the self funded self employed indigenous drivers
    and tell me there’s a level playing field.