The Paul Gogarty “Fuck You” video

After uploading to YouTube I see there are other copies there already. Ah well. I’m actually slightly shocked at the ferocity of the sentiment. It’s vicious. And I’d know…

The bell sounding really makes you think “Rounnnnnnd 2”. Commentary and whatnot on

Update: Some people on Facebook are reporting that the Green Party have reported this video inside in Facebook as abuse.

Joyless Irish Greens have reported the amazing Gogarty-goes-postal video to Facebook as ‘abusive’. Do yourself a favour and search for “Green TD turns Dail air blue” on YouTube. It is absolutely hilarious.

In case you missed it, you can now search what people are saying (even those not connected to you) in their status updates.

Update: An email from YouTube:

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19 Responses to “The Paul Gogarty “Fuck You” video”

  1. The Green Party is opposed to stag hunting and has succeeded in getting a government commitment to ban it…but it seems that one Stagg is to be exempted from protection against baiting.

    I can well imagine the Labour deputy is furious. Bet one doesn’t hear foul language like that while cruising along in the Phoenix Park.

  2. cubikmusik says:

    classic! saw it on RTE tonight. pissed myself.

  3. You mean the Green Party which is in the Government has gotten a promise from … the Government to ban stag hunting? Any day now I’m sure they’ll get around to it, once they get done telling people to fuck off that dare question them voting for cuts in looking after those in need.

  4. As a Green Party member I don’t know what to make of this. From a joe soap perspective it’s highly entertaining internet fodder, it’s refreshing. But there is a darkness to it. Is it more than just a laugh, is it a staging post in the country’s exasperation with where politics has brought us? Could it conceivably get more people interested in politics because for once they understand the language a politician is using. Is it a low point in politics? It hardly seems that way when you think of the far more wretched things politics has brought us. Is it a harbringer of a tsunami of public anger in 2010 ? Is Gogarty a child lost in a sea of cynical adults, is he a muppet? Or is he a hero for being the antithesis of the smooth talking, PR groomed politician talking polite waffle? The joke on twitter is that he’s going for the 12 – 16 yer old vote ? Is that a good thing? Help me out here people, what should I make of this? Feel free to hurl abuse at me, Gogarty and the Greens. I reckon that’s only fair given the topic.

  5. Damien and Holbrook, on mature reflection I think Deputy Gogarty is a breath of fresh air in Irish politics. Inapt use of the F-word isn’t very nice, in the dail chamber or anywhere else, but it’s not as annoying I think as the usual obfuscationist gobblegook we hear from well-versed politicians and that journalists like Vincent Browne understandably seems to find especially narking. I wouldn’t be too hard on the Greens for not delivering on everything…they didn’t get coursing banned simply because FF wouldn’t swallow such a massive kick in the teeth to its backbenchers, many of whom love that relic of the Dark Ages…but they’ve got staghunting in the bag, and the legislation is being drawn up. I gave a favourable mention to the Green commitment to banning bloodsports in my book Bad Hare Days and haven’t heard or seen anything since to change my view of the party as being possibly Ireland’s last hope. Paul Gogarty was an angry man, yes, and while “anger is not a policy” as McCarthy said in his report, there is such a thing as righteous anger, and PG’s action reminds me now when I think of it of the way Christ “lost it” one day in the temple and lashed all the corrupt F…..s out of the building. Maybe that’s not the best comparison but you get my drift?

  6. How like a Green supporter to liken Gogarty to Christ. People wanting to be or wanting to make martyrs are a dangerous lot.

  7. @Damien Mulley & John Fitzgerald

    agreed, the christ in the temple analogy doesn’t really work for me either. Gogarty can’t really have righteous indignation on his side when he is voting for cuts in carer’s allowances and other benefits, it’s more like he’s at the end of this tether with trying to balance right and wrong in the murky world of political compromise and can’t take being pilloried for genuinely trying to do what he thinks is best. or maybe he’s just a muppet and a clown? i’m beginning to think not. as for staghunting and hare coursing, i don’t know enough about it to have a serious opinion about it one way or the other – but fair play to you John for writing a book about it.

  8. bob says:

    Sometimes it’s right to tell Emmet Stagg to F*ck off. If they

  9. Why didn’t he say Fuck You! to the people who caused the problem?

  10. Brian Greene says:

    to understand Gogarty’s point

    i am sincere because I am brave enough to understand this is wrong but will be a strong hypocrite to my beliefs and policies and will vote with my government partners for this horrendous finance bill / budget 2010

    would that be his position?

    christ analogy, forgive “me” father coz “I know” what i do

    doesn’t really work either.

    greens outspoken or not, can not claim dislike of this so much and then support it and not suffer. Trevor Sargent Food Minister and Gogarty used the sick tummy and stomach turning route to discuss teacher cuts in schools budget09 in October 2008. March 2009 they cut more from public service workers incl. Teachers. June they got kicked out of office, 3 out of 3 GP Cllrs in Fingal got axed. Fingal being in the main electoral base of Greens with former leader and longest serving TD Trevor Sargent in Dublin North.

    Gogarty said it himself “and lose my seat”. His out burst is a wormhole into the fear and reality of the GP situation. There really is no more GP, this was it. Let the rebuilding start early. In the epoch of peak oil and climate change the GP is in power and at its weakest, all but gone from local government and about to leave the national stage any election soon.

  11. no more gp? As a campaigner against bloodsports and various other forms of animal cruelty, I can’t agree. They’re in government…they’ve got a staghunt ban in the pipeline, the phasing out of fur farming, and were instrumental in the production of the excellent puppy farm legislation that will soon come before the Dail and that has, apart from necessary provisions for dealing with this appalling practise, a little “bonus” for animal protection campaigners, namely restrictions on the operation of hunt kennels that will, according to the hunts, have the effect of closing down many hunts. The government looks likely to run to its full term, having survived the Budget…Paul Gogary swore in the Dail. So what? Many’s the politician never swore in public but did some downright nasty things on the quiet.

  12. It’s not the fact that he swore. It’s tyhe fact that he swore at Emmet Stagg while happy to remain in government with the people who created the disaster. If he had shouted Fuck You!! at Cowen, he’d have some credibility.

  13. King Dumb says:

    Hey Damian, so did you take youtube up on the ‘Partnership Program’, either way that money is due to the tax payer !
    I am sure it will not be long before the government capitalise on this new revenue stream !

    All the minster start acting in a ‘most unparliamentary manor’ upload the lot to youtube, and sit back as every view brings us closer to the end of recession !

  14. Colm says:

    I was shocked when I heard this first but then on Saturday morning one program played the constant childish heckling Labour engaged in prior to this. Gogarty is a twat but if I was in his position of having to put up with a barrage of abuse from the Labour benches I woudn’t have stopped at telling Stagg to F**K himself. Most of the Labour TDs were at it. You could hear one of them throw out some rubbish heckle and then they would giggle like schoolkids. This went on and on and on.

    The upshot is there has to be some form of parliamentary debate training for Dail deputies. The likes of Gogarty have to learn to keep his cool and the likes of Stagg have to learn some adult respect.

  15. Blistersonmytongue says:

    Lamentable. Yon Greenie ought wash his mouth out with soap. At least now I know what to say when he and his cohorts canvass for votes one last time.

  16. Ah for gods sake. You have to love it. Here we have an idiot displaying his complete inability to handle the pressure of office. Simple as that.

    What sleazy Bar did Gormless drag this creature from?

    This plank has shown a complete contempt for the Dail, his party, the government and the people of Ireland. What an example for kids though. This Baba was simply irritable and needed his nappy changed.

    Really though, is this the calibre of person we must have in politics? I know its a dirty game but does one have to have a filthy mouth to prove it?

  17. Mike says:

    and was he also saying F**k you to people on disability who’s payments have been cut

  18. bob says:

    is that guy dead