Social media outrage in Ireland!

The Irish world (make that rockbelly) of celebrity social media goes into mass outrage (two hashtags or more is how you tell) as the key “influencers” in Ireland are announced and it’s none of them. After all the work they did Retweeting Mark Little and telling George Hook how great he was and how he’s always so right and now this slight. After all the tweeting and liveblogging of TV shows. After all the pictures of mobile phones they weren’t allowed to take and upload and tag! After all the reviews of the freebies they got. After all the blog posts with titles stuffed with the keywords people used for whatever was in the tabloids that day. Jedward apprentice floods Cork weirdeyes carbomb. After all the PR events where the same 5.3 bloggers turned up to sample your new version of fairy liquid. After we went to RTE and looked AROUND!

And to top it all! WordPress, the favourite of bloggers who like nothing more than doing a good old upgrade on a nightly basis was the technology behind this affront. It’s like getting slapped against the cheek by a dry leather glove with each finger being made of a mini-glove. And one finger of said mini-glove having an Elisabeth Duke faux diamond ring on it to scrape ya. Awful.

I’m going to leave an anon comment on this very blog expressing my outrage!

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11 Responses to “Social media outrage in Ireland!”

  1. Joe Scanlon says:

    Theiry Henry is a cunt. For more about that visit now! #Awesome.

  2. Hey, don’t be slagging off the Elizsbeth Duke collection.

  3. Dena says:

    Well I for one am outraged at the outrage.

    Though I’m beginning to think that’s what social media in Ireland is about. Outrage & counter-outrage.

    Storms in a thimble.

    @Joe – LMAO

  4. That’s the good and the great right there Damien. Who could argue with Charlie Bird being the 70th most influential person this year? I mean I could think of 69 other people who are less influential.

  5. Steph says:

    “It’s like getting slapped against the cheek by a dry leather glove with each finger being made of a mini-glove.”

    Are you and Pat Ingolsby the same person?

  6. MJ says:

    That list is so random, how funny!

  7. […] “It’s like getting slapped against the cheek by a dry leather glove with each finger being made of ….” […]

  8. Brendan says:

    Sure everyone knows that social media is populated with crazies who rant and rave about stuff that no one cares about and never actually do anything constructive.

    As Adrian Weckler pointed out recently ( none of them is even successful at what they do in their day jobs.

    It’s people like Jerry Bruckheimer, Richard Plepler, John Ging, Ben Bernanke and Dieter Schwarz that are really shaping Ireland’s future. Right?

  9. paysan says:

    Agree with Dena. The Village admits that the group that was asked to come up with the list is unrepresentative (not sure about the “informed” bit!). And whats so surprising about politicos and economists coming up with list of politicians and economists as being the most influential? Outrage is easy, informed comment is a bit more difficult…

  10. Well I still think it’s outrageous…