Social Media Bullshit Bingo Card (for conferences/presentations)

Inspired by Mat Morrison’s tweet on the same aul case studies used again and again at conferences.

Totally guilty of many of these myself, please do add your own. Maybe this could be a drinking game instead? It’s good to reference some events but there are billions of people online. I think we can find more “stories” then the same ones we nick from Slideshare each day.

Social media
Social Business
Markets are conversations
Viral videos
User generated
iPhone App
ComCast Cares
Age Profile of Twitter, Facebook, Blogs

x amount of hours are uploaded every hour, day
Link to the laughing babies
Rollerskating babies and viral nature
That bloody dancing down the aisle video to Chris Brown
Will It Blend?

Barack Obama
Hudson Plane Crash
The Big Switch
Ashton Kutcher racing CNN
George Hook on Twitter
Michael Jackson death

Motrin Moms
Dell Hell (bonus points)

9 Responses to “Social Media Bullshit Bingo Card (for conferences/presentations)”

  1. UnaRocks says:

    Hmm. I wouldn’t mention any of those YouTube or Twitter ‘episodes’ when talking about social media.

    Does that make me more or less bullshitty? Can I have a pie chart to illustrate this please? Kthxbai.

  2. Steph says:

    Some buzzwords for the list: ‘start a conversation’, ‘connecting’ & ‘twitterverse’.

    And yes, pie chart would be just lovely. Made from actual pie if possible.

  3. Habitat Hash Tags?

    Crowdsourced CC Flickr backgrounds?

  4. Sean says:

    This is a test

  5. Very amusing. For the UK on Twitter add #xfactor

  6. Don’t forget to mention the Skittles debacle!

  7. No Fry’s Boring Delight? No Convergence or Content or Smart or Iran? Worst of all, the country is under three feet of water and you don’t even mention cloud computing. You’re so web 2.0.

  8. Mat Morrison says:

    OK — late to the party , but here are a few that *I* use time and again (extra points if you see me using them)

    Domino’s Pizza
    World’s Best Job (Queensland Tourism Board)
    HSBC Student Charges campaign
    Iran Elections

    I think both Dell Hell AND Kryptonite should be the Boss level.

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