Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 17th 2009

Eolai has more paintings for sale. I have 6 in Corkgaff and 1 in Dublingaff at this stage. And I think I’ll get more.

Okey blog. Bill O’Herlihy is blogging.

Conor lobbies for a Cork History Museum.

Finally set the date for that Online PR workshop. (The free one)

Ian has another blog project: Bands I’ve Seen.

Good post from Iarfhlaith. Busy being busy is not good. Less stoked and buzzing and more looking after your customer needs and your business needs.

New blog (to me) Quality Waffle.

Autism charity called Autism Speaks that has few fans.

Via We Make Money Not Art: Regretsy, the worst of Etsy. Some gobsmackingly awful stuff.

And also: Ten Days for Oppositional Architecture

Marina and the Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road

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4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 17th 2009”

  1. Hey Damien,

    Cheers for the link:)

  2. EolaĆ­ says:

    Cheers. Caught a bad dose that’s going around and it slowed me down getting more paintings out initially, but am back on track and there will be loads more added into the sale pot very soon. Honest

  3. Regretsy is hilarious. It looks like the kind of crap I’d make out of wool and toilet roll innards. Great find.