Fluffy Links – Monday November 9th 2009

Another good post on innovation from Brendan and this post from Shane on the cost of innovation is really interesting.

Everything happens on Twitter right? Well if involves booze. Twebt – Twitter blind wine tasting test. See the Bubble Brothers post on it or Brian Clayton’s post.

A new Irish Music Marketing Blog.

How much for a day’s work? How to calculate your freelance rate via Mary.

Upcoming Irish IT security conference. November 19th. Annnd a capture the flag event!

Congrats to the companies that made the Internet Growth Acceleration Programme list. A fine list of Enterprise Ireland backed companies. Shame there were no surprises though!

Saw these on Later with Jools. Good band: Stornoway.

Pedestrian friendly transport. Love it.

Via Pat: JED We Can – Ghostbusters

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday November 9th 2009”

  1. Cheers for linklove. About half the businesses around the room were not known to me altho that does not make it surprising i guess. And at least one was a surprise 🙂


  2. Stephen says:

    Cheers Damien,

    Nice call on Stornoway, good things to come.


  3. Thanks for linking to the freelance calculations blog post. It’s really helpful to me and something I’ve wondered about but couldn’t find the right information. Hope you’re well, and a big hello to you from Oz.

  4. barryb says:

    Check out Wild Beasts too Damien – they were on the same Jools show. You wont look back. One of the most original bands around at present…

  5. Dena says:

    I’ll second that Wild Beasts rec. Amazing stuff. Such a voice on the lead singer!