Comfort zones

I did a media interview last week talking about the web and of course Twitter and what it means. Preaching to the converted is actually unrewarding. It’s more a thigh rub than anything that stimulates parts above the neck.

I’ve done a few interviews with “outsiders” to web media and it’s through their grounding in a different environments that actually allows me to understand this web area better. Lots of questions were asked and I found myself considering this area using factors that never came into my head. I found what I was saying to actually be quite interesting. Hopefully they’ll have a recording of what I’ve said. I blabbed for 45 mins straight so who knows what was in there.

Last evening a college student asked to interview me for a college project, I get about 2-3 requests a month from college students wanting to talk about blogging or social networks or Twitter or the future of news and bits in these areas. Some of the questions I get each and every time but some are nicely nuanced that they make my greymatter buzz. So I might bitch and moan but generally I like doing them from what I personally learn each and every time. (Please note this is not a reason to email me asking me for interviews)

I think only from being outside can we see things in a better light besides always being on the inside developing our own exclusionary language and ettiquette. And it only took me 3, 892 blog posts to get to here…

One Response to “Comfort zones”

  1. Nellboy says:

    Great post Damien, couldn’t agree more! Sometimes it’s hard to see the woods for the trees. It’s still useful to see the trees as well though!, Would be interested to know a few examples of questions that make the oul grey matter buzz if you are so inclined to divulge.