Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 4th 2009

Great post from Brendan Hughes on Innovation in Ireland. Don’t forget the IDA LinkedIn group on Innovation in Ireland.

Cork and wine. Karwig Wines have a stonking new website which will also I’ve read have a blog.

Email is still the biggest social connector online. Alan is doing a workshop on email marketing for Hotels, B&Bs and Hostels.

Science Week is this week. Loads of events on, check em out.

MediaCube have a nice business competition: office space, cash, mentoring and more.

Want 5k for your business? Outvesting is there.

Via Karen Glass Society of Ireland Blog.

Preparing for death. Changing a Facebook Profile when death becomes you.

What every music video needs: Brian Cowen, man boobs, builders arse and NINJAS!! And Bill thought himself flash and put this video together in a month. Well impressed!

Bill Coleman – Welcome to the Breakdown

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