Google 78%, Bing 21%

Search traffic to this here blog:

78.63% Google
21.37% Bing

Bing doing quite well here.

5 Responses to “Google 78%, Bing 21%”

  1. Grandad says:


    Mine for October is –
    Google 87.6%
    Bing 4.27%

    Bing likes ya. Doesn’t like me!

  2. john says:

    I’m more in line with Grandad. Why do you think yours is skewed that way Damien?

  3. Rob says:

    The majority of my customers have/had bing / msn search as their default under IE. Mainly due to people just clicking next next next with any updates, so when ie 7 and 8 rolled out, it was microsoft by default including default search pages / engines. If you could post stats coming from other browsers maybe 🙂 If you were getting a similar percentage with the likes of firefox or opera for bing, even 10-15% and I’d be impressed.

  4. Joe Scanlon says:

    My Bing is at 4% ish. Yahoo at 2% ish and Google pretty much the rest.

  5. Kim Lautner says:

    I use both Bing and Google search engine and i dont see much difference in their search results. I use google for searching hard to find academic topics and Bing for general search.