Fluffy Links – Thursday October 8th 2009

New blog, least for me. Michellaneous

Playhouse just became a giant Twitter client.

Well done. Silicon Republic are profiling startups. Sign up yours.

Ah humour. Ad on Recruit Ireland for Clown Comhairle.

Irish Hotels using Twitter. Try harder.

Via James KennedyWrite to Your TD.

Aggregator for university research announcements.

Daytum. For tracking and logging all the data you generate.

Oh Apple. Blocking a health care app.

Interesting. Even with social networks, closeness is where power lies.

One point is crucial: We still live our lives in the real world. When we need someone to fix our roof, repair our car or educate our children, we find these things near our homes. We elect officials to govern us by geography. We pay taxes based on geography.

Brian Eno – And Then So Clear

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Thursday October 8th 2009”

  1. Not sure about how USEFUL daytum is, but it’s certainly a unique implementation of an interesting idea. I’ve been using it for a while now: http://daytum.com/francismahon/