Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 22nd 2009

Ian Healy’s take on filesharing. This is your consumers talking dear record company.

The IDA had a blogger’s briefing about their new campaign last week. The Business Post covers the €2M ad campaign they showed us. (Diclaimer, their ad agency and I worked on the briefing) Resulting from this though the IDA are starting to embrace online communities. First stop is a LinkedIn discussion group they’re facilitating called Innovation Ireland. Name is a clue to the content. Contributions welcome.

Modest Mouse are back to Ireland in December. Nothing on ticketbastard yet but soon…

Rosemary Maccabe‘s site is live and a-kicking.

Phantom of the Opera (the old movie), in a Church with an organist. In Bandon.

Ogra Fianna Fáil do a Ronseal on Lisbon.

Entreprenural Internships with NDRC.

Nice tips on how to maintain being inspired.

Love it. Enterprise 2.0 sounds so rough but Social Business explains it better.

Genius. Wispa uses their advertising spaces to allow customers to have fun with messages.

This is a Coke Can I want.

Readers of FoodFight.ie say this is their fav Julia Child clip. Julia and her chickens:

Hockey – Song Away (Looking forward to seeing them tonight)

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 22nd 2009”

  1. Ivan says:

    re Ian Healy — the self-righteousness with which people breathlessly demand the right to steal digital copyrighted content is amazing. The people who own this music have invested in it and deserve a return, in the same way the people who invest in making beer deserve to be paid for it. Would Ian and his cheerleaders (such as you …) go behind the bar in a pub, pour yourself a pint and be shocked if the barman took exception to this?
    If you prefer to listen to music (or drink beer) that the owners are happy to give you for free, either for promotional or other reasons, then great, but other music (or beer) is not automatically free as a result.

  2. It’s probably a step too far but don’t be such a dimwitted prick Ivan.

  3. Trinity says:

    Modest Mouse Dolans Limerick, oh jazus that’s a must for me! my thoughts are so loud I can’t hear my mouth 🙂 I last saw them live at the Palace of Fine Arts a couple of yonks ago. They are lyricalicious.

  4. […] on the Mulley soapbox I mentioned a blogger evening with the IDA I was involved with. I’ve met with the IDA a few times and they do appear to get […]