Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 25th 2009

If you’re into any kind of dev, then Alexia’s guide to writing a test plan is a must-read.

Well done Kieran, Seán and all at Murphy’s Ice Cream for winning Artisan Producer of the Year.

Best in Season Recipe Competition.

Got a smartphone? Take a phone survey, win some nice stuff.

Some Blind Alleys are running a writing competition.

Bill Clinton at the Netroots event.

There’s a Museum of Brands in London. I’m so there.

The possibilities with the iPhone are not endless but close. Measuring a room using sound from the iPhone with Sonar App.

Lenovo doing nicely discounted laptops for NUI Galway engineering students.

Via Alesh: Total Eclipse of the Heart using whitelabel goods.

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  1. Steph says:

    Interesting video…