Fluffy Links – Wednesday August 5th 2009

Off to London for some work and research for a few days and to find someone a birthday present. And this. Try and break as little as you can. Ta.

The Across the Water Tweetup is coming along nicely. Nov 14th in London.

Daniela gives a run-through of what’s happening in the Arts here in Ireland.

From a Facebook Ad no less: Bord Bia Marketing Fellowship.

This is a fully-funded programme, including all fees, and participants will receive a bursary to the value of €17,500 (plus a rental allowance).

Ireland is totally ass-backwards when it comes to the world of digital. Says the EU. Government spin will say the report is from old data, yes motherucker because it takes time to gather data from all EU countries. They’ll say it won’t take into account our recent broadband gains. The same jaded line is used year in year out. I’m sure they’ll mention the vapourware plan to “digital leapfrog” the world. Frogs thrive in stagnant conditions.

Via Max. BBC Radio 4 programme on Powerpoint.

What’s your Douchebag name?

Limited edition bottled water. Uhm, it’s water.

Helmet – Wilma’s Rainbow

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