Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 4th 2009

Well done to Kevin on his new website: Back Page Football.

Darragh of the Digital variety has done up his site, have a looksee. Then there’s his involvement with the Listen and Learn Recordings:

Microwaves, calculators, iPhones and iPods, computer applications, Microsoft windows, Linux and administration tutorials and walk through’s, you want it, we’ve got it!

900k Irish people now on Facebook. Wowsers

Even UCC are getting into this new media lark with one of their night courses.

With a name like Another Bloody Water, it has to be Australian

Via Tipster. How interesting. Using Google searches to give more up-to-date data on unemployment levels than the official statistics.

100 episodes of Design Matters now available.

Merce Cunningham died last week. RIP.
“Split Sides” feat. music by Radiohead & Sigur Rós

A dance with Torture Survivors expressing the unspeakable with their bodies. Fall and Recover:

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