Oh yes, courses and things

Terrible remiss with letting people know about courses and such, despite getting emails and Facebook mails.

Social media unspun
Those evil people at Media Contact tell the most awful of fibs. 🙂 I am not a blogfather and not a social media guru or expert, in fact anyone that says they are, are talking shit. You can’t be an expert at something that evolves before your eyes. I am however sharing my views on social media in conjunction with Media Contact and hopefully people will come away form the social media Unspun event a bit better informed and will realise Twitter, blogs and Facebook are not businessjesus.

Online Marketing training course in Dublin
In conjunction with SQT I’m giving a full day public Online Marketing course the week after next in Dublin. Restricted to 10 places. I’ll have the Online Marketing Documentation updated before that course. As usual, whether you attend a course or not, the documentation is free to download, use and abuse at will.

Online PR training courses
There may be one or possibly two Online PR courses I’ll be doing for free as test runs before a paid-for Online PR Course happens towards the end of August. Members of the Online PR in Ireland Facebook page nabbed the places at the test runs, sorry. Documentation will be made available after course number one for download.

There’s a Courses section over on Mulley.ie, perhaps I should use it? Hmm.

Train the trainer
August too might see me doing a train the trainer course in Online Marketing.

My Favorites from DQS6
Photo owned by heidielliott (cc)

2 Responses to “Oh yes, courses and things”

  1. Steph says:

    Excellent stuff, hopefully will hit one of them at least. A ‘train the trainers’ event would be fantastic.

  2. Christian says:

    All looking very very exciting – seriously looking forward to the PR session – let me know if there’s anything I can to help 🙂