Ginger is in (for drinks anyway)

Well done to Smirnoff for running an event last evening showing off their new drink – the Smirnoff Mule. So the media get briefed and now the people that write about everything and anything for the fun of it are being briefed about some of the same things too. Yay. I couldn’t stay long but apparently there was magic tricks and all that. But sure we already had Sinéad show one. There is a carnival theme going through all the communications for this and I think the big public launch will push this in a big way. Obligatory Smirnoff Mule Facebook Page for Ireland.

Here’s Al the Mixologist preparing a Smirnoff Mule. 3 lime squeezes, Smirnoff, Ginger Ale.

Here’s one of the cards that you’ll see in bars. Big list of events happening to promote it.

3 Responses to “Ginger is in (for drinks anyway)”

  1. Des says:

    Geez.. I remember that from years ago – around 1994 if memory serves. It has a brief outing and then went away.

  2. bne says:

    You know you’re a ginger kid when your face lights up at the sight of free SPF 70 sunscreen.

  3. nerraw says:

    Smirnoff Mule was out years ago and bombed.