Fluffy Links – Friday July 10th 2009

Count Me Out. Get yourself removed from the Catholic Church.

New blog: Virtualhaze

Via Crooked TimberThe Invisible Library, books that only exist in books.

Airline complaint? Write and sing a song.

Watch arthouse movies streaming online.

This guy’s photography is plain weird. Love it.

Aston Martin do London buses.

The best thing about best practice.. is the practice. The “best”? Not so much.

Little Steven aka Steve Van Zandt – I am a patriot
Steve being Bruce Springsteen’s guitarist as well as Silvio in some TV show thing and who will be in Tower Records meeting the public on Sunday.
(nice intro speech talking about the difference between patriotism and nationalism)

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday July 10th 2009”

  1. Eoin says:

    Kind of strange that the Count Me Out campaign want to leave the Catholic Church and yet profess to Catholics in the ’email your Diocese’ section.

  2. countmeout says:

    Hey eoin,

    I’m one of the people involved in the site.

    In fact, our intention was to provide information and make it easier for people who *already* consider themselves non-catholic and wish either to regularise their status or, if they’re comfortable with doing so, to defect as a means of protest.

    However, in researching the website we found that there were people who were sympathetic but, for many and various reasons, didn’t feel comfortable defecting completely from the church. For this reason we decided to provide a way of simply registering their protest in a targetted way.

    It isn’t about “professing” to anybody, its about making it easier to have your voice heard. And, as it happens, the defection documents have proven much more popular than the email feature.