Hell Pizza is yum

This is the mayhem pizza from Hell.ie:

Peanut satay, sweet chili, green peppers, chicken, onions. Totally yumtastic.

Mayhem pizza from Hell.ie

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  1. Morgan Mc says:

    Just back from the pub for a quiet “few”, and that looks pretty fantastic! 😉

  2. They made a mistake with my very first order and then gave me a free pizza voucher.

    I wish they would make mistakes more often.

  3. nerraw says:

    Easily the best pizza I’ve had. I had my fair share of them when I was in New Zealand.

    Make sure you check out their dessert pizza. Berries, Banana, Chocolate and Custaard. Sounds wrong but totally works and totally delicious.

    Say goodbye to Dominoes

  4. CliodhnaL says:

    Am now officially STARVING!! Looks yum!

  5. Alison says:

    If they’re anyway as good as the Wellington originals I’ll have to move to Dublin!

  6. DWade says:

    Were you paid to give that plug?

  7. Nope. Sheesh, Murdoch employees should be less cynical.

  8. DWade says:

    Were you paid to give the Eircom broadband plug the other day? Have you ever been paid to plug any product on this site? Methinks you have……

  9. DWade, please don’t hold me to your own low standard.

  10. Emma K says:

    DWade, that’s a completely ridiculous accusation to levy at someone who has long championed the principles of online transparency and openness. Stop being so silly.

  11. Emma K says:

    Oh, and Hell’s pizza IS yum.

  12. Paul McClean says:

    Had one last night, pretty tasty. I also beat the high-score on the Addams family pinball machine while I was waiting. Result!

  13. Sunday Times Ireland Employee says:

    You never answered my question…… Have you ever been rewarded or paid in any way for plugging a product or service on this site? Were you paid for the Eircom plug the other day?

  14. Michael G says:

    To quote a line from Intermission “that looks fuck’n delish man..” All you need now is the HP brown sauce.

  15. Brian says:

    Pizza looks yum, and they’ve interesting combos…. but someone please shoot that web designer, the flash scrolly menu is hideous!

  16. TheChrisD says:


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  18. DWade/Sunday Times Employee, why don’t you go back to your work in the Sunday Times and nick more of your content from bloggers instead of insinuating I take money for writing blog posts. I already answered one such false accusation. I’m not going to answer the same question again and again.

  19. Jen says:

    Hi Damien,

    I trawl your site quite a bit when I am at work, and I always enjoy it. But I have to say, I thought the Eircom piece u wrote during the week was pretty arse licky too and it looked like you were working for them, not your readers. Especially considering how much you have criticised them in the past – and we all know how crap mobile broadband is. That’s just my opinion, as an outsider looking in. Instead of savaging the journo maybe you should answer his/her question straight out. Have u accepted reward for blog posts? Maybe the ST hack knows something that he or she isn’t saying? If so, spit it out journo. I’m not trying to cause trouble Damien, but I think you need to address this.

  20. Jen/Siobhain/whatever your real name is. I already answered the question on this.

  21. Jen says:

    Hi Damien. There’s no need to be so smarmy. I was polite to you, you don’t need to be so unpolite to me. Just because you have my email address wit my name on it, you shouldn’t put it online. It is my right to use an anonymous handle if I want, you should respect that. And no, you haven’t answered the question. You answered the times journalist’s question on Hell (i didn’t think this piece looke like a paid plug myself). But you never answered regarding Eircom. Did you accept anything to do the Eircom piece? You haven’t answered that question at all. And to you Sunday Times Employee: tell us what you know about Damien, if you know anything at all and aren’t bullshitting?

  22. Actually Jen, making up a name to ask me did I take a bribe is not being anonymous, it’s being dishonest and insulting. Expecting me to be polite to such a groundless allegation is a quite rich. Adding a question mark to an allegation doesn’t make it a genuine enquiry. Try harder to read my replies too. I’ve given my answer.

  23. Jen says:

    I didn’t make up a name to ask you if you took a bribe. You have my name. I’m hiding nothing from you, I just don’t like putting my name in my handle. I’m a regular reader of your blog and I was concerned that journalists came onto here claimng to have information about you taking payment for posts. That’s it. And I have read back through your replies Damien, and while you denied the accusation that DWade made regarding Hell, you never denied the one that Sunday Times Employee made about Eircom. You have consistently refused to answer it. So if the answer is “No, I have never accepted anything to write about any product or service on this blog” than all you have to say is No and the matter is cleared up, unless the hack wants to elaborate his/her info for us….? But your repeated refusal to deny this has now raised my suspicions about you. Had you just denied it the first time I asked, I would have believed you and that would have been that. Now, I’m not so sure

  24. Barry says:

    I think people are very sad if all they have to do is comment on somebodys elses website, It’s Damiens website and if you dont like the content, there are millions of other websites and blogs to go read.

  25. Vince says:

    Do they have tables at Hell or is it takeout only?
    peanut satay on a pizza .. yum yum!

  26. Joe Scanlon says:

    Looks lovely, but none in Cork 🙁
    We do have a HEAVEN pizza here newly opened in Ballincollig :
    It’s not bad, don’t think they’ll deliver to where I am now tho 🙁
    The pic makes me very pizza hungry.

  27. Eamonn Carey says:

    Hell Pizza is pretty sweet. Try the Grimm pizza next time – apricot sauce for the base, then chicken, spring onions, pine nuts, cream cheese and rosemary. it’s out of this world. Had it over in New Zealand a while ago, and it’s as good over here. Apparently they’re opening a few more around the place over the next few months.

    Also, to concur with an earlier poster – the dessert pizza is unreal…

    Writing all of this makes me want a pizza. Which is not conducive to my ‘week of healthy living’ plan…

  28. Hell Pizza was nice and all, but I was a small bit disappointed, although maybe that was because I had heard people big it up a lot. The big difference I noticed between Hell and other pizzas was the ingredients. They were of much bettter quality, eg. the chicken actually tasted like chicken, not chicken flavoured soap.

    As for the cash-for-post debacle: People can be very cynical these days.
    **Imagine a cross between healthy yoghurt and a naughtily tasty chocolate bar. You’ve just imagined MULLER CRUNCH CORNER STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE ORANGE FLAVOUR, a delightful, refreshing and oh-so affordable snack that’s almost orgasmic in its richness. Go on, treat yourself. Pick one up today. Contains petroleum. Always read the label.**

  29. Grim Reaper says:

    Amazing where an internet trawl will take you… HELL is hell bent on Global Domination through damned tasty pizza and am glad that most comments are of a positive note. DWade I invite you try a pizza. You’ll probably blog about it too…

    To see more of what’s happening in HELL check out our HELL Underground page on Facebook and Twitter.


    The Grim Reaper

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