eircom mobile broadband launches

eircom today launch their new mobile broadband plug and play product. It costs €19.99 a month and is on a 12 month contract. Yes, it runs on the Meteor network. The biggy in my view is that with the product, you get access to eircom’s WiFi hotspots which are in 1,000+ locations across Ireland. 10GB download allowance too. Additionally customers will have access to exclusive online content from Setanta Sports

The network for now is only available in Dublin, Cork city, Dundalk, Drogheda, Bray, Naas and Newbridge but eircom say they’ll be extending the coverage range to over half the population by the end of 2009.

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16 Responses to “eircom mobile broadband launches”

  1. Stephen says:

    But how long will they have setanta for?? Considering they look on the way out…

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  3. Nokiahunter says:

    5.31 download
    1.21 upload
    and a 133 ms ping rate just saw it being demo’ed in a city centre spot not bad great ping rate for mobile dsl.

    As for the setanta thing they pay the prem league 10 mil today and are paying 10 mil friday looks like Mr. De Mol is taking over

  4. lisadom says:

    Well that will be worth it not to have to type in codes when you are out and about and want to use eircom hot spots. xx

  5. how does that compare to a land line broadband?

  6. SAm Crea says:

    Dublin, Cork city, Dundalk, Drogheda, Bray, Naas and Newbridge

    Is that not roughly half the population already?

  7. seamus says:

    Great offer to include the Hot-Spot access however the service is only available to existing Eircom customers.
    This means that those of us who have chosen other providers for unrelated services are excluded from the service……surely there are competition questions arising there?

  8. UnaRocks says:

    the hotspots thing is the only good thing about this, because the Meteor wireless broadband network is SHIT.

  9. Susan says:

    Half the population might have it by the end of 2009; the rest of us will wait forever.

    Eircom promised us landline broadband was coming to our village: “should be a few months, by the end of the year, working on it,” etc etc…. six years ago. I don’t think I’ll hold my breath for this, no matter what they’re saying.

  10. Sunday Times Ireland Employee says:

    Why oh why do some bloggers plug stuff so remorselessly on their site – accepting payment as part of the deal – but then not tell anyone they are being paid for it? It’s dishonest. People should be made aware when they are being advertised to.

    Champion of online transparency my arse……..

  11. Perhaps this twunt would care to give his actual name.

    Then we can find out:

    a) what his employers think about paying him to post annoying blog comments on press day,
    b) what his employers think about him putting them in the position of a distributor of an actionable libel, and
    c) what sort of an idiot would hire him after he gets his arse fired for a) and b)

  12. Tom says:

    Whatever about Setanta being on the way out, what about Eircom anybody want to buy shares 🙁

  13. Thor says:

    Feck eircom, I signed up with them on the 28th May 09 to have a landline connected and to get their 7mb dsl package. I was all happy with myself up until last night when I checked out their site to see that 4 days after I ordered they put on an offer for new customers; free 150euro holiday voucher and free landline installation. The feckers. I fleeced them on the phone today, eircom has gone down a few notches in my book.

    And regards the mobile service they are starting, its not gonna be anything great. Think about it, Eircom should be fiercely competing in this market since they’ve just arrived into it. Instead they are matching 3 Irelands mobile BB pack. A miserly 10 gigs for €20 a month? C’mon! Its not even going to be 10gigs DOWNLOAD, but 10gigs USAGE! I find it insane that an ISP can count peoples UPLOADS as part of their monthly allowance!!

    I used Irish Broadbands Ripwave service last year, they had the same policy in place. My usage stats would reset on the 18th of each month. Less than a week later each month I would have my speeds capped to 100kbps, not even twice dialup speeds. This was because I didn’t have tv and used to watch Sky online with the Sky Player. The problem with that is that it uses a peer2peer type system where a program I had downloaded to watch could then start uploading pieces to other users, I wouldn’t even know!

    So look for dsl whenever possible, Jaysus even if it means moving house DO IT!!!!

  14. Thor says:

    From the Eircom site:

    What happens if I go over my monthly allowance? If you go over the 10 GB allowance in any one month you’ll be charged 2c for every extra MB downloaded. However, by regularly checking your data balance (see above) it’s easy to avoid extra charges.

    Can I carry over unused data from my allowance at the end of the month? Unfortunately it’s not possible to carry over unused eircom mobile broadband data allowance from one month to the next. However, with a generous 10 GB(are they kiddin or what!) available every month you should never need to.

    HAHAHA, the howls of laughter!!!!

  15. nokiahunter says:


    Honestly who has over 10 gigs mobile dsl usage per month I mean you would want to be horsing the usage out of it. I am using my fdor 3 days now going grand wouldnt try to much heavy downlaoding on it as I have 24 mb cable at home that will do grand.

    Plus i have discoved it comes with a sd card slot and I have lashed it a 3 gb card and its just my mobile broadband into a handy memory stick to. Would be nice if you gt the card free with it oh and if they had a headphone jack on it.

    I have mainly been getting speeds of 5 mb out of it which is grand for just checking stuff on the move will get my new 3gs next week speed test it against that me thinks

  16. Thor says:

    Well for a start it’s not mobile DSL, its 3G broadband, they say its more expensive to maintain and thats why the usage limits are always so low with them. Pish. Don’t get me wrong, if you are using a 3G dongle on any network as a secondary supply of broadband; be it for work or pleasure whilst travelling about, then its fine, if you want to spend an extra €20 per month. For those of us who have found ourselves in the situation of not having DSL or Cable broadband in our area, well, its not so nice being so restricted in what you do by having a dongle as the primary source of broadband. And I cant believe that somebody is defending the restrictions on usage. Especially someone who has 24mb sitting at home, with unlimited downloads no doubt! C’mon man, think about this, if you own a 3Gdongle, on any network, and you connect your Xbox 360 to the internet with said dongle (many people do), and you decide to rent a movie on Xbox Live (many people do), well thats anywhere in the region of 2.5-8 GIGS gone from your monthly allowance. Does 10 gigs still seem like a lot? And I love the explanation all these companies give when you ask them is 10 gigs a lot! Oh yes, you could download this many songs and look at this many pictures! Why does no-one tell you how many HD porn clips you can watch online? No there’s a question I’l love to see Eircom include an answer to in their ads!