Double Oh Bracken – John Bracken is back

Vote John Bracken

And a tune via IrishElection.

4 Responses to “Double Oh Bracken – John Bracken is back”

  1. Ken Stanley says:

    Hehe. Surreal. That’s my late grandfather’s name and my cousin’s name. They’ll like this.

  2. Catherine says:


    Im from Ballycumber and John Bracken is someone I can vote for… NO comment 😀

    Where do ye get these pictures from and if you want more let me know, I could take them at home next weekend 😀

  3. Alan says:
    Check out this link to Johns Bebo page…

  4. janie bracken says:

    i,m with him now and he loves his song especially since he’s my son John Bracken. We’d like some more of these songs with a geordie twist since he reigns from Newcastle man!!!! Howay John Bracken