Blogger visit to the Dáil. Thanks to the Green Party.

I know what you’re asking. Was he wearing sandals? No, no sandals but he still had his superpowers with him. A few bloggers and an unexpected 79 members of came along to the Dáil yesterday evening and got shown around the Houses of the Oireachtas by Ciarán Cuffe, after which we had a chinwag with John Gormley, Ciarán, Deidre De Burca (a very pretty lady I must say) and Damian from Green HQ. The conversation was mostly polite too but was far too short. Another time.

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After that we headed to the public gallery to watch a vote or two. Jesus, but John O’Donoghue’s head could really explode soon. After that we headed off to the Dáil bar. Hilarious the way the bar is like some sectarian place where all the parties have their own sections. Is the Dáil always full of hacks and wannabe pols? I’m sure people will complain about the Greens trying to influence the bloggers or some bullshit like that. I can happily say I’m still not a fan of the Green Party, I respect a lot of what they do however and as someone who has already stated he was a fan of Ciarán, I’m a bigger fan now. So watch and learn Fianna Fáil, this is how you to “that thing with bloggers”.

Darragh has a far more detailed post here. Worth reading and looking at. Update: Post from Mark too.

4 Responses to “Blogger visit to the Dáil. Thanks to the Green Party.”

  1. Darragh says:

    Nobody expects the 79 members – but they’re everywhere, you know…

    Agreed on the “too short” comment. Would have been great to get a longer discussion, possibly recorded. I hope there is a next time…

    Big thanks to you, Damian, Ciaran et al. Memorable visit and experience.

  2. steve white says:

    and later that night ddeb replies to mt blog comment by not approving my comment and replying on her blog but by emailing me? wtf

  3. The people who the politicians need to focus on impressing are the electorate. Sometimes I think politics is far too concerned with optics and increasingly has little to do with actually getting something useful done.

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