Taken in Tipperary today

Dear Fianna Fail

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  1. Eoin O'Mahony says:

    I couldn’t get a good picture from the top of the bus but there’s a FF poster on a pole outside Dublin’s Whitefriar St church with ‘LOL’ markered in and an arrow pointing to the logo. Waiting for the FAIL stickers.

  2. Joe Scanlon says:

    I was just after reading Calvins post here on the Election posters. While it hurts my eyes v much to look at them, PLUS the cost, the environmental and the ridiculous outsourcing to Norn Iron with all their talk of keeping your spend in ROI YOU have actually managed to find one that I like. Well done.

  3. Tipster says:

    No, no no. As somebody who used to be a canvasser (but not for FF), I would describe that sign as politically naive.

    What you do about canvassers if you want to damage the party during the campaign is open the door to them and ask them a question. Sound somewhat disappointed with the party but do not come across as a raging hater of FF. And when you get them talking, try to keep them talking. Have a local issue to ask about, and express concern at what the party has done to the economy. Get them to persuade you that they’re not to blame, that they are the best to lead us back out of it… That way, they get to canvass fewer people over the course of the evening.

    You know all the time that their candidates will get your thirteenth and fourteenth preferences and that their efforts to up your choice from a no. 3 to a no. 2 or no. 1 was entirely in vain.

  4. Lottie says:

    now that’s canvassing for you.

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  7. Ciara says:

    Ah yes, stick a sign in the ground, don’t bother grilling them on the doorstep. That takes effort, doesn’t it? I bet these fools won’t even vote. Why bother?

  8. Dave Meehan says:

    lol, I’ll have to get one of those no canvassing signs for my garden

  9. Top marks for effort. I was home a few weeks back and I was unfortunate enough to be taking my bags from the car at the precise moment some FF goon was coming in the gate. He had never met me before and I could see him eyeing me up and down, imagining me as a giant x-in-a-box. If only he knew I vote for Mister Humphries from popular seventies sitcom ‘Are You Being Served.’