Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 22nd 2009

Loving this. Songs as dialogue boxes.

Great post from Twenty on health spas in Ireland. I think.

Rick talks about the RTE player but Rick *is* the RTE playa really.

Slow to point this out. Another foodie blog: I Can Haz Cook.

So who went to see the MAXRoam racing car?

Via the Enterprise Ireland mailing list, SEO Guide for Irish Businesses eBook from Cube. (PDF)

Check out the Robo Rugby finals.

What a joke, first they shut down a site because it mentioned a football fixture and now they’re going after a Twitter account.

Genius. Asking people on Twitter not to download pirate copies of movies.

Reelgood show themselves off:

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 22nd 2009”

  1. Thanks for the Fluffy! The dialogue boxes are simple to make if you fancy a go – all you need is Firefox and an Addon called Pencil that allows you to mock up interfaces.

  2. redmum says:

    That miramax tweet is an absolute classic ‘don’t do it’. I actually read it ala Fr Ted ‘ach now you don’t want to be doing that’. Giving the tickets is fantastic.

  3. Emmet Ryan says:

    Thanks for the fluffy Damien.

  4. Reelgood says:

    Thanks Damien for the Fluffy link, dunno about showing ourselves off, maybe more showing ourselves up!