Fluffy Links – Tuesday April 14th 2009

Seán did an interview with a few young chaps who use Twitter.

Nerdcore. Using Mathematica to name Web 2.0 companies.

My post on why Bad Facebook Ads are bad for all of us.

Ian interviews Tony about his time on Dragon’s Den.

Good post from Eoin on why hecklers veto freedom of expression.

Bad security from Bank of Ireland security.

Via Ger, Enterprise Ireland are having some public meetings for people interested in joing their various programmes to start a business.

30 ways to promote your nordy business.

Via Niamh Redmond: Adobe Flex Builder 3 available for free to unemployed devs. Incl. 60-day Safari Books subscription

Are you this business person looking for a coder?

Heard of a McGangbang? It’s food people!

The Black Crowes- Remedy

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday April 14th 2009”

  1. Enda says:

    +1 for Remedy.

  2. Emer says:

    Ahoy there Damien,
    D’ya remember at the Irish blog awards I was going on about setting up a blog about sex? Well, I’ve done it. I’m now writing about things of a sexual nature in my new incarnation as The Demure Lemur over on WordPress. I was wondering, if you’re comfortable with the subject matter and/or like what I’m writing, would you mind giving me a link? I’m trying to shamelessly self-promote, and I thought you’d be up for helping a new blog on the block.
    x Emer