Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 8th 2009

Communications checklist for companies.

Networking event in Cork on April 28th with it@Cork and InterTradeIreland.

Richard is giving away conversion optimisation services. If you want to convert a visitor to a cutomer on your site, talk to him.

So Amazon are delivering electronic goods to Ireland again.

This is David Byrne in a tutu on Monday night in the National Concert Hall. What an inspiring evening it was:

Now that the country is even more fucked, why don’t we see who all these TDs are who didn’t take the pay cut? Wiki software and calling around anyone?

New blog: Andy Regan

This is how you treat fans. Fans surprised with screening of new Star Trek film.

Then this is what fans do for you:

i brought a troupe of back-up actors/dancers on the tour (we were only playing 300-1000 seaters) and had no money to pay them, so we passed the hat into the crowd every night. each performer walked from each show with about $200 in cash. the fans TOOK CARE OF THEM.

Drunk dialing no more. The bad decision blocker for the iPhone.

via BrandIreland: Banned VW ad. How the hell can you have a banned ad when the Net is around?

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 8th 2009”

  1. Justin Mason says:

    Banned VW ad. right. I think you misspelled “viral” 😉

    btw I just bought some hardware from amazon.co.uk, let’s see how it goes!

  2. nerraw says:

    The ad isn’t banned, it’s just not allowed before the 9pm watershed. Which in principle is fair enough although you can argue whether it’s violent or not.

    Great ad though.

  3. Gerry Hanratty says:

    David Byrne was really good, all the new songs were amazing too and he seemed to enjoy the gig a lot.

  4. Eoin says:

    I can understand why it was ‘banned’ from tv. But….the first couple of times I saw it on the box it caught my eye so it did its job. Now where’d I put that bank draft?

  5. Emmet Ryan says:

    Why would you ban that? It’s grand.