Fluffy Links – Friday 27th February 2009

Eolai is auctioning one of his fantastic paintings he displayed at the Blog Awards. I really wish I could buy every single onf of them. He’s a gifted artists and he is generous enough to auction this for charity. Bid here.

More like it. Dublin City Council are interacting with the public online for their development plan. They’ve directly asked people on Boards.ie for feedback. This is how you do it.

The recession and your credit card. Some tips.

Journo Mark Tighe is now a-blogging.

New Irish blog – A Harmless Fraud.

More details on the next eircom Innovation Fund.

And speaking of eircom. A new website to protest them blocking the Pirate Bay has popped up. eircom here is at most an agent and it’s disappointing they are. The focus I think should be on the fact a comapny feels pressured enough to do this and if they feel it, others will. So tackle IRMA instead.

As has a way of routing around this.

Another campaign site is caleld BlackoutIreland and I was asked to write a guest post. Filtering our sites and jailing our websites without trial means eircom and others are contributing to a Digital Guantanamo.

Bye bye The Chancer. And they left before getting sued to death. Ahead of the lawyers so!

Ronan from Tenaka drfiting now has a blog. Guess the name!

Placebo and Frank Black – Where is my mind? (Live)

The new Barry’s Tea ad:

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  1. Gareth says:

    Whats with the link to the barry’s ad? Is it not just a load of bollix (as we say in dublin)?