Your name in foam – Give some feedback to Made in Hollywood

Made in Hollywood is a sponsor for the upcoming Blog Awards and Fran, the man who made the Ws for the Web Awards has started blogging. The first blog post is soliciting ideas on what he should cover in this blog. The top 10 ideas givers will get their name in foam.

Get suggesting. I wonder could we choose something other than your name? I can just see the expletives and lolcat phrases being layed by the giant foamchicken or however these things are made.

Bathtime psychology
Photo owned by janetmck (cc)

2 Responses to “Your name in foam – Give some feedback to Made in Hollywood”

  1. […] a little push on twitter and a mention on Damien’s blog, they’ve started to collect up some good traffic and ideas. Fran is offering the first 10 […]

  2. Fran says:

    Thanks for the push Damien.