You’re cordially invited: Pre-launch event by one of Irelands largest companies

8pm, Tuesday 17th Feb, Casting Couch, Fitzwilliam Sq, Dublin

I’m organising a pre-launch event where the above company will brief bloggers on the roll-out of their new product and an overview of how they intend to market it to the masses. This company has never worked with/interacted with bloggers before and they’d like the input from bloggers amd readers (that’s you!) you as to how best to engage with their customer base (in excess of 500,000). Your input will help shape how they interact with their customers and market to their customers in the future. Your feedback might directly change how a big Irish company works. Looks like Collision Course is making an impact!

All will be revealed on the night as to who they are and what they’re launching. You know, pre-launch, so it’s shush shush for now. This is certainly a new one and though there’s bias as I’m organising it, I’m genuinely impressed with the attitude of the people that are working on this, working very hard on this actually and who think online has to be in a marketing plan. If it works I’m sure other big companies might cop on to the idea that talking to the public is good for business.

There’ll also be some food and light refreshments at the event. Leave your name in the comments if you want to attend.

3D Invites - Wedding layout
Photo owned by Hans van de Bruggen (cc)

30 Responses to “You’re cordially invited: Pre-launch event by one of Irelands largest companies”

  1. Adrian says:

    Hey, are you not talking at that First Tuesday event on the night?

  2. Taxi literally waiting at the door to bring me from that to this one!

  3. Can I share a cab πŸ™‚

  4. Darragh says:

    sounds good. How do I register attendance?

    (reading on mobile so may have missed obvious details)

  5. Good point. Updated! Just leave your name in this post to attend.

  6. Christian says:

    Hey Damien, count me in.

  7. Evert Bopp says:

    I’m a whore for light refreshments so count me in….

  8. Darragh says:

    Cool, yep, love to go πŸ™‚

  9. LorcΓ‘n says:

    Would like to go – let me know if I’m on the list? Thanks.

  10. evert i’m your sister on this one πŸ˜† i’m there. thank you please

  11. Sounds altogether coalfacey. Would love to attend.

  12. elly parker says:

    Can you sign up as a “maybe” or are they looking for definite numbers? Not been too well lately, so hesitant to commit as I may need to cancel…

  13. Will Knott says:

    An bhfuil cead agam dul to this too?

    Quick questions…
    cameras allowed y/n (if N a source for stock shots)
    same thing for podsters
    wifi (or cable sockets) present for the laptop enabled y/n
    details emailed to attendees y/n (while at event? y/n)

  14. Emanuele says:

    Hi Damien, I’d like to attend. Do we need confirmation that we are on the list?

  15. Suzy says:

    I’ll be there if there’s no Alps of staircases to climb πŸ™‚

  16. Hi, I would like to go, please let me know if I am on the list. I am a senior manager with a consulting company specialising in Customer Experience Management and I am very keen on new channels such as blogging and Facebook and micro sites such as Twitter.

    I helped my previous company (very large mobile Irish telco) set up a forum and feedback page and whilst the technology was relatively simple the real challenge was overcoming the senior management inertia.


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  18. Am interested in seeing what it’s all about

  19. Pity The Casting Couch don’t include a real address. What no. on Fitzwm Sq anyone know?

  20. kirstie says:

    It’s the basement of number 3

  21. Steve T-S says:

    “Maybe”. No promises, but would be nice =)

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  23. I’d like to attend. See you later.

  24. Will Knott says:

    Damien, Thanks. Still not sure what to do with the info, but thanks for the evening

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  26. Polly Pierce says:

    Wow, did you open a can of worms with this invitation?!

    This morning I’ve been reading some very interesting posts as a result of your invitation, the interaction between Bord Gais and bloggers generated huge interest in the changes in electricity supply in this country.

    Unfortunately some of the commentators of these posts have adopted a role which I find inexplicable. I’d forgotten how subjective and critical folk can be, which has moved me to comment on their attitudes towards other bloggers – not something I usually do!

    It’s been an interesting morning which has led to some startling discoveries. Thanks for making my day and enlightening me, and all because you issued one little invitation to the Casting Couch!

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  28. Jay says:

    Cool Site Damien. I totally agree with you. Off to check out your other site.

    Thanks πŸ™‚