Fluffy Links – Thursday February 5th 2009

PR work experence tips from Bespoke Comms.

Love this, music using printers.

Gartenberg’s 3 laws of tech consumer gear.

Ughh puketastic. T for Two. Special t-shirts that when combined make a heart.

The future of news.

Over 35,000 people sent us stills and video of the heavy snow across much of the UK. This was a record both for the sheer number of pictures and almost certainly for the size of the audience response to a news event in the UK.

Love this wedding cake.

Get all your data out of the Google Cloud.

Stephen Fry gets stuck in a lift. He tells Twitter, world goes mad. I like this from the article though:

He also said Twitter gave celebrities a direct link with their fans – a thought that “terrified newspapers”.

Think about the power of blogs and Twitter and all the yaddyaddas and then add celebs or well known people to the mix. 100,000 people follow Stephen Fry on Twitter. When he has a bad customer experience 100,000 of the most connected people on the planet now know about it. If they tell their networks, whether that’s 8 people or 1000, you can bet that a million people will know about it soon after.

New Villagers video.

Via Alexia: Florence and the Machine cover Beirut’s Postcards from Italy

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday February 5th 2009”

  1. re: the <3 t-shirts – I’m ashamed to say we have a pair of these t-shirts at home… http://zedomax.com/blog/2008/02/01/the-heart-to-heart-t-shirt/

  2. Charles says:

    T for 2? Bucket please…

  3. Aidan says:

    T for 2, now ive see it all. Any buckets left.